South Port:


Aqaba New Port    

The New Port is strategically positioned to serve Jordan’s captive market, the Levant, and the re-construction efforts in the Middle East. In order to leverage new business opportunities, it will also be offered industrial land adjacent to the New Port.

The New Port of Aqaba will comprise 3 distinct new terminals that will be located in a large basin created by dredging the foreshore, and they include the General Cargo and Ro-Ro Terminal, the grain Terminal and the New Ferry Terminal.
The New Port will accommodate all marine units belonging  to Aqaba Ports Marine Services Company (APMSCO) in addition to administrative buildings & marine communication facilities . 

The General Cargo & Ro-Ro Terminal will consist of a new multi-user, multi-purpose General Cargo Terminal. It will replace the existing General Cargo berths in the Main Port and will accommodate other Cargo displayed by other port developments.

The New Grain Terminal will replace the existing grain facilities at the Main Port; it will handle the import of grains for the Jordan Silos & Supply General Company (JSSGC) and any potential future users as well as the transshipment of grain to other markets; The terminal will consist of a new grain berth, storage terminal with truck loading facilities and a bagging plant.    

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Industrial Terminal               
The industrial terminal handles all fertilizers as a major Jordanian export commodity and all chemicals used in agriculture & other industries with a handling capacity of 10 million tones annually

ADC signed MOU agreement with a consortium formed by the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company and the Arab Potash Company for 30 years on a BOT basis to rehabilitate the existing industrial terminal and build a new state-of-the art expansion to that terminal in addition to a new Dry Bulk Jetties.
The project will include a high-tech handling equipment strictly complying with all the environmental requirements.

New Phosphate Terminal           

The existing phosphate terminal at the Main Port will be relocated to the South Port where a new state-of-the art phosphate terminal will be built.
ADC signed an agreement with Jordan Phosphate Mines Company for 30 years on a BOT basis to develop, establish, fund and operate a new phosphate terminal.  

The new terminal will be handling the export of rock phosphate in Bulk. The terminal will include storage facilities, off-loading systems, as well as handling and ship loading equipment; of handling capacity of 6 million tones annually.

Oil Jetty         

The existing oil jetty - 4-dolphin berth - receives oil tankers up to 406,000 tons and handles exports and imports of crude oil and oil products. ADC signed Development & Operations agreement with Aqaba Petroleum Co. to re-construct, refurbish and develop the jetty in addition to building a new strategic oil storage  tanks.  


ADC is in the process of building a new miscellaneous terminal handling all chemical products currently handled at the oil jetty. In addition it will handle mineral & vegetable oil & LPG with a capacity of 2.8 million tons annually. The jetty will accommodate vessels of 70,000 DWT.

Timber Jetty

Timber Jetty is currently handling LPG vessels 5500 metric tons. 


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