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Al Turk opens the Rural Market in Princess Basma Development Centre in Aqaba
Published on : 27/10/2011

 Al Turk opens the Rural Market in Princess Basma Development Centre in Aqaba

Rural market is a collective activity of more than fifty producing women and twelve associations in Aqaba and its villages offering their products to the public. The market was organized and promoted by Princess Basma Development Centre in Aqaba, aiming to support small-scale producers to open doors for them to market their products and to give those producing women the basic skills in the methods of how to display products and market them through the practice of market methods in supply and demand, and to give them access to the nature of these products and the requirements to develop them.

The market was opened by Mr. Mohammed Salem Al Turk, CEO of Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) who toured the market and saw all displayed products. ADC has supported the establishment of rural markets and supported more than a hundred and twenty productive projects as part of a Charity campaign, benefiting about a hundred families of Aqaba and its villages from various projects in agricultural, service , commercial, professional, handicrafts and tourism. Co-set of producing women from the centers of the Jordanian Hashemite Fund in the governorates of Mafraq, Irbid, Karak, Sahab and Ammanhave participated  in the regional project for the economic empowerment of women (Oxfam), funded by the Canadian Agency (SIDA) in order to see each other's experiences and benefit from their experiences thereby contributing to improving the quality of the product to the success of the experience of rural markets in Aqaba for the dissemination of this experience and to study the possibility of taking advantage of them.

Mr. Al Turk, confirmed the principle of promoting Corporate Social Responsibility and the importance of adopting initiatives and development programs that would contribute to meeting the needs of the community members and stressed the importance of the role of civil society organizations to contribute to the development of the community and in seeking its needs integrate all bodies and associations of local economic bodies to speed up the development process. He also noted that the economic development and the growth of its impact on local and national level need all national efforts to maximize the development gains and to preserve the right of citizens to live decently and ensured that development gains belong to all segments of society.

Aqaba Center Director Ms. Fatima Al-Hennawi pointed that the market, which was held today seeks to reflect the legacy of the region in cooperation with local authorities to support small producers and stimulate women to increase production in appreciation for the efforts of the Jordanian women and an affirmation of the importance of their participation in the labor market to achieve sustainable human development.

Princess Basma Development Centre in Aqaba, managed to attract large numbers of residents and visitors of Aqaba to the market where a documentary film produced by the film club of the center about the heritage of Aqaba was played and a play carrying the title "Zaal Wa Khadra and the apple pf Khadra" was also presented on stage.


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